Consorzio Grancaffè was founded in 1989 by 11 leading top-quality espresso coffee companies each operating within its own geographic area.

The eleven companies decided to pool their technical capabilities and business know-how to create an organisation with the function of a benchmark for product quality.


A further aim was to develop the ability to respond to the needs of large-scale domestic customers as a centralised direct sales and distribution structure, while maintaining the consortium members’ local roots, thereby fully ensuring territorial networking capacities.

On the basis of our in-depth knowledge of the market, our propositions are tailored to the new and changing needs of our customer base. This has placed us second in the sales volume ranking and made us a fully-fledged operator in the HO.RE.CA. channel.


Consorzio Grancaffè was created on 11 November 1989.


During the months following its foundation, the brand name “Consorzio Torrefattori Caffè Bar” was registered.The year also saw a change in the packaging of the top blend provided by the companies of the consortium and distributed via the café channel.

This blend features both the logo, consisting in a piping hot coffee cup, and the quality guarantee statement and seal, “Qualità garantita dal Consorzio Torrefattori Caffè Bar” (Quality Guaranteed by the Torrefattori Caffè Bar Consortium), included alongside the trademark of the specific company producing the blend.

1991 saw the first issue of “Pianeta Caffè”. In 1996, Consorzio Grancaffè became the publisher of this house organ

(which has, since that time, established itself as a tradition in its own right).

The “Grancaffè” brand name was registered in 1993. This is the brand for the fine blend produced by Consorzio Grancaffè for the HO.RE.CA. channel. This meant we could launch a unified product image, to be publicised and promoted nation-wide.

In March 2002, Consorzio Torrefattori Caffè Bar changed its company name and became “Consorzio Grancaffè”. The concern concurrently developed commercial partnerships with important national groups in the HO.RE.CA. sector.

Restyling of the logo and packaging took place in 2003-2004, and an exclusive line of promotional items for cafés was introduced. The line is the work of the world-famous designer, Ettore Sottsass.


Our mission is to promote espresso coffee quality in the HO.RE.CA market and to function as a provider of customer service excellence.

We work toward achieving maximum quality, in all fields: from selection of raw materials to production and distribution.

This means establishing a specific set of rules, requiring that we choose the highest quality coffee-beans for roasting, also considering variety and place of origin. We have also set up a control committee to monitor the application of our rules.

All the coffees used for the Grancaffè blend are sent to sp
ecialised external laboratories for analysis.

The consortium’s brand only goes to the best coffees.